Performance Feedback

How are we doing?

At Hydraflow we are committed to continuously improving customer satisfaction. As part of this process, we would like to request your comments to assist us in meeting your needs.

Section A: Contact Information

Section B: Hydraflow Employee's 1) How would you rate your experience with our employees?

2) How would you rate our employees in addressing your questions/concerns?

3) Do we demonstrate a positive, cooperative and courteous attitude in our dealings with you?

4) Do we respond to your requests for information or problem solving in a timely manner?

5) Would you like to single out any Hydraflow employees for comment?

Section C: Hydraflow Company Services 1) Quality of Service: Does our service meet your requirements?

2 ) On-time Delivery: Do we provide the product when requested?

3 ) Accessibility: Are we easy to reach when you need us for information?

4 ) Dependability: Do we provide consistent service?

5 ) Cost of Procurement: Do our products and services meet your cost targets?

Section D: Additional comments and suggestions