Environmental Policy

Hydraflow acknowledges and accepts its responsibility to be a good neighbor and steward of the environment. We produce all of our products from a single facility, but recognize that our actions can have global impact. As such, Hydraflow has made the following commitments that will foster positive environmental impacts:

  • To comply with all legal regulatory requirements
  • To prevent pollution and conserve resources through reduction, recycling and conservation
  • To increase energy efficiency, conserve water, and reduce our impact on landfills
  • To communicate our commitment to our stakeholders and community
  • To continuously monitor and improve on our environmental commitments and efforts
  • To respond to any environmental concerns or incidents in a timely fashion

These commitments require endorsement, support, and participation from all Hydraflow employees. Senior management will provide the tools, training, and resources to execute an effective EMS.

EMS Scope

Hydraflow has implemented an Environmental Management System and is committed to ISO 14001 compliance. The scope of Hydraflow’s EMS includes all employees. The scope also includes operations related to product manufacturing and office work that occur at its single manufacturing facility located in Fullerton, CA. Overall, the EMS scope covers activities and processes that Hydraflow can directly control.